MCA Youth Ministries

Our teenagers LOVE having their own ministry every Sunday morning. The joy of being in youth ministry in the day services on Sunday provides a unique opportunity for growth, development and discipleship specifically for teenagers.

The 9 AM and 11:30 AM youth ministry services add a special youth vibe for our teens. With their own bands, worship teams, and ministry participation, our students are serving and growing at the same time.

A teen who knows God’s word is well prepared for life today and beyond. The group dives deeper into the Bible in the 10:30 AM Sunday School. Currently, the teaching is upon Apologetics (defending your faith)

Knowing, loving and being valued by others is super important for our teenagers. Wednesday Youth Night features relational key topic (peer-pressure, stress, family issues, etc.) conversations and a ton of fun. The MCA Youth Development Center (1005 Ermine St. -across the street from our Central Campus) hosts pool, ping pong, foosball and air hockey tables for indoor fun.

What to Expect

Every teen is super important, highly valued and greatly appreciated. You’ll be welcomed with hospitality. Providing this high level of relational care, you’ll be invited to sign in so we know that we have the joy of caring for you during the service, how to reach your parent or guardian in an emergency and how to stay in contact with you throughout the week.

Our volunteers are background-checked and trained to create a safe, secure environment for every student. Safety first!

We value teenagers growing to their full potential in Jesus Christ!

Every student experiencing Salvation through faith in Jesus

Every weekend students are invited and encouraged to place their trust in Jesus for abundant and eternal life. We love to help teenagers embrace God’s grace.

a current experience with the Holy Spirit

Teenagers live obedient and overcoming lives through the presence of the Holy Spirit. We honor God’s Spirit and welcome His ministry in the lives of our students. We have seen students empowered by the Spirit to overcome depression, sinful habits, aimlessness, past hurts and hangups.

These same students become mighty for God while deploying the gifts of the Spirit into the lives of others.

Relevant Bible Teaching

Students often have meaningful questions. Who is God really? What difference does He make in my life? Is Jesus God’s son? Who am I? What is my purpose? How do I know if I’m making the best decisions? Is the Bible trustworthy?

Bible teaching provides relevant answers to questions like these and invites us into becoming people anchored upon God’s word.

skill development

Discovering our abilities, capacities and interests are part of the MCA Youth Ministry approach. The highest and most important calling in the world is the calling God has given to you. Helping you be the best you is a joy.


MCA Youth is the perfect place for students to do their favorite things: play games, listen to music, and hang out with friends. There’s always something selfie-worthy or ready to add to a Snapchat story. Students will definitely want to share what’s happening at MCA Youth.


Students Serving

We believe students are not the leaders of tomorrow, but the leaders of today. Volunteering in the church is one of the best ways for students to make their faith their own. Through MCA Youth, students can begin to be the church and develop their leadership while volunteering in service on the Host Team or Operations Team on the weekend and Wednesday night. We even have a student led Worship team!


Adults Serving

Today’s youth will be leading our church tomorrow. It’s important to help them develop a strong foundation of faith and friendships that will help them boldly follow God’s will. Volunteers Leaders help students discover who they can be through Christ, and help them get there.