Visiting Alaska in evangelistic ministry in 1970, Neale and Ida Sheneman strongly sensed the spiritual darkness and growing number of people without a saving experience with Jesus in East Anchorage.


The Shenemans weren’t church planters, but traveling evangelists preaching the Good News from city to town to village. Neale and Ida planned to continue in itinerant evangelism and planting and directing private Christian schools.


Hearing God’s call and surrendering to His will changed their lives and the spiritual destiny of thousands of people who have ministered and received ministry through the congregation they planted, Muldoon Community Assembly. The public gathering, in 1972, enjoyed a crowd of three; Pastor and Mrs. Sheneman and a woman who accepted their invitation to “Come Grow With Us.”


The theme of the Sheneman’s ministry was “Living with a Positive Faith Attitude.” Every message and gathering featured something connected to being positive and full of faith in God. This wasn’t so much a chosen ministry strategy as it was simply the kind of people they were. They lived positive faith.


One of the joys of the Sheneman’s founding of Muldoon Community Assembly occurred on the first day, in 1980, when the weekend attendance was over 1,000 people.