For God so Loved the World!

MCA Global Outreach

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We believe it is our mission to help one another learn to love and serve God’s big world. Our Global Outreach theme verse invites us into joining God in his love of the world.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

Our approach to missions includes finding a “person of peace” (Luke 10:6) and to help in every way the Spirit leads. We love to develop relationships so the giving and receiving is multi-directional. We often learn and are blessed far more than we have taught or been a blessing.  

Honoring God’s calling to full-time missionary ministry is one of our great joys. The missionary calling is unique, specific and specialized. We highly respect and honor the knowledge base, skill set, cultural adaptability and ministry gifting required for missionary ministry. Our missionaries are among our heroes.

Early in God’s calling (1986) upon our worship community, we received a sense of God saying, “Assist in building a church facility on every continent by the year 2000.” This assignment took us, in addition to Alaska, to Poland, Thailand, Australia, Israel, Guatemala and Burkina Faso (we are still awaiting the joy of assisting in Antarctica).

From the processes and working of the Spirit in these church building projects, three developed into long term relationships; Thailand, Australia, and Burkina Faso. We continue (30 years) to serve alongside Pastor Wirachai and Chunpit Kowae, (Thailand), Pastor Max and Mereoni Wiltshire and Brett and Justine Wiltshire (Australia), and Pastor Philippe and Elodie Yameogo (Burkina Faso).

God’s work through these partnerships is an example of His glorious grace. We are delighted and humbled to have some measure of servanthood in these dynamic ministries.


We specialize in serving those whom God has called, equipped and deployed. Knowing, loving and serving these mission fields to which God has directed us is rewarding and invigorating. Respecting the missionary calling, training and placement, we have laser-like focus on being helpful to what God is speaking to them.

One of our global outreach foundations is, “We approach every missionary and mission opportunity as a learner and servant.” By God’s grace we do not serve with a personal agenda but with a heartfelt call to further the ministry of others. Over the years very strong serving relationships have developed between MCA Church and Pastor Philippe and Elodie Yameogo of the Zone One Church in Burkina Faso and Pastor Max and Mereoni Wiltshire of Australia.

God’s work in the partnership between the Zone One Church and MCA Church is producing a wonderful harvest for King Jesus. Zone One Church is now parent to 39 annex churches, founder of the Boaz Operation (elementary schools and tuition assistance), providing water wells, widow’s ministry, facilities for Bible colleges, buildings for village congregations, school based health clinics, famine relief, pastoral training, medical training, food sources, and much more. Glory to God!

In Australia, we are blessed to serve with the Australian Aboriginal Outreach Ministry’s founder, Max and Mereoni Wiltshire, and the Director of AAOM, Brett and Justine Wiltshire. We love serving God’s missionary call with the congregations aligned with AAOM. MCA Church is committed to serving those who present the Good News of Jesus in the Australian Aboriginal context. Currently we are prioritizing “The Cassowary Coast for Christ” initiative. Should it be the Lord’s will, we will continue our co-laboring with Max and Mereoni in helping the Cardwell Assemblies of God church build or purchase their own facility and strengthen ministry in the Aboriginal Community of Jumbun.

Additionally, MCA Church energetically supports the more classic version of missions with monthly support and periodic engagement with a variety of missionaries serving around the world.

  • Unnamed Missionary serving in a sensitive country through Business as Mission

  • Unnamed Missionary serving along the silk road

  • Edgar McElhannon, Retired

  • Jackie Coble, Retired


Mark Flattery

Network 211

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Sebastiaan and Eva Van Wessem

The Netherlands

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Smiling Dan Johnson



Dennis and Victoria Agajanian,

Global Music and Festival Evangelism


Max and Mereoni Wiltshire,

Cassowary Coast Australia


Jim and Carla Gutel,

Directors: Southern California School of Ministry


Brett and Justine Wiltshire,

Australia Aboriginal Outreach Ministries


Randy and Becky Tarr,

West Africa


Joe and Jane Filancia,

Mission America Placement Service



Loving the world with God includes our everyday and closest neighbor relationships. Our missionary mindset includes those who live right next door to us but have not received an adequate presentation of the Gospel that makes sense through their cultural lens and personal experiences.

Foundational to our commitment to Alaskan missionary ministry is a Spirit inspired sentence shared by Pastor Max Wiltshire of the Australian Aboriginal Outreach Ministry during one of our early missions conventions.

“Why do you get in an airplane in Jerusalem and fly over Judea and Samaria to preach Christ in the uttermost part of the world? Always remember Jesus said, “Jerusalem AND Judea AND Samaria AND the uttermost part of the world.”

Additionally, MCA Church energetically supports the more classic version of missions with monthly support and periodic engagement with a variety of missionaries in and from Alaska.

  • Alaska Medical Missions

  • Tom and Barbara Davis, Church Planting Coaching Facilitators

  • University of Alaska Chi Alpha

  • Steven and Erin Pavek, University of Alaska Chi Alpha

  • Terry and Danean Hull, Alaska Home Missions Director and Voice to the Village Ministry


James Martin

Hope Church

A delightful missionary/pastor with whom we serve God’s missionary call. Hope Church meets in the Anchorage Downtown Soup Kitchen and serves, primarily, homeless women and men. Placing the Good News on the trail of this downtown population is missionary in every way. Serving alongside Pastor Martin and Hope Church is very rewarding.


David and Deborah Wilson

MCA Multi-language Church

Pastor/Missionary David and Deborah Wilson, present the Gospel with a strong Thai influence. People from several nations worship and serve through this life-giving missionary ministry. Special emphasis is placed upon sharing Jesus and His ministry in a way that is understandable to those who have been raised in Buddhism.


Pastor Mark and Valerie Burgess

Bristol Bay Church

Our “people of peace” serving in the Bristol Bay region of Alaska. In many ways Mark and Val are both missionaries and local church pastors. They pastor the Bristol Bay Church in Dillingham, Alaska AND seek missionary influence into the Bristol Bay watershed’s 25 communities.


Jeremiah and Sharnay Niemuth

Ft. Yukon Pastors

We are assisting Pastor Jeremiah and Sharnay Niemuth and the congregation in Ft. Yukon, Alaska with funding for their new church facility. Often the coldest place on earth, Ft. Yukon is blessed with a ministry red hot with the touch of the Holy Spirit. Unable to accommodate the growing number of people seeking ministry, Jeremiah and Sharnay stepped out in faith for increased space that is adequately insulated, heated, and appointed. We are super thankful to be involved, in this way, with the work of the Spirit through Jeremiah and Sharnay.