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Joany Bazemo, Lead Pastor of our sister congregations in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (prior to his untimely death) shared the vision of launching elementary schools throughout the country in order to greatly increase literacy and further present the Gospel.

MCA Church: Anchorage diligently trusted in God for the funds to purchase building materials, rallied a building team, and traveled to Ouagadougou to assist in building our first elementary school there. Muldoon Evangelique Primary, a three-classroom school, was completed and ready for students.

It never dawned on us that the proposed students wouldn’t have the financial resources to purchase even basic school supplies and nothing near what is needed to fund the teacher’s salaries.

Pastor Joany was in prayer and felt the Lord say, “Ruth was without help and hopeless until Boaz generously provided for her. Launch the Boaz Operation for the children who are without help and hopeless in matters of education.” Thus, the Boaz Operation now helps fund the education costs of several hundred students each year.Just after commencing the Boaz Operation, Pastor Joany Bazemo unexpectedly died, leaving the Boaz Operation without it’s visionary and founder. Pascaline Bazemo, Joany’s beloved wife, and Pastor Fay Niemann of MCA Church stepped in and carried the vision into its currently effective and productive form.

Officially, we have two Boaz Operation Schools, Muldoon Evangelique and Doudou Primary School. Children in a third school, Yemtenga, receive help through educational funds as part of the Boaz Operation outreach ministry.

The Boaz Operation is overjoyed to help fund the education of approximately 250 primary students each year. We pray each child meets Jesus and becomes a strong witness of the Gospel.