Holy Spirit Conference 2012

01/18/2012 Paul and Jesus on Generosity Joseph Castleberry  
01/18/2012 The Gift of Tongues and Interpretation Daniel Funes  
01/18/2012 Four Levels of Joy R.T. Kendall  
01/18/2012 Generosity and the Shrewd Manager Kent Redfearn  
01/17/2012 Spirit of Power R.T. Kendall  
01/17/2012 The Gift of Miracles and Discernment of spirits Alejandro Amaya  
01/17/2012 The Gift of Generosity Joseph Castleberry  
01/17/2012 The Gift of Faith and Healing Billy Amaya  
01/16/2012 Gifts of the Spirit: 1 Corinthians 12:7-11 Juan Angel Castro  
01/16/2012 The Spirit of Counsel R.T. Kendall  

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