How To Help Kids Make Wise Choices / Brian Dollar

Hi Friends,

I wanted to share this talk from my friend, Brian Dollar, on How To Help Kids Make Wise Choices.  As parents, we want the best for our kids and pray that they choose to serve Christ daily but, it’s not always the case.  Our children are individuals and will sometimes make poor choices.  When these things happen, how are we to best handle the situation?  How do we help our kids recover from the poor decision.

I hope you enjoy Brian’s talk as much as I did and please feel free to share this with others.


God’s Not Dead

Hello, Tonight my family and I were finally able to watch the movie, God’s Not Dead.  We enjoyed it and were reminded that we should always be prepared to give an answer as to why we believe in God.  1 Peter 3:15 says; But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord.  Always be prepared to [...]

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Why Is Children’s Ministry So Hard???

I want to share with you this post I had on FaceBook a few days ago.  Enjoy! I LOVE Children’s Ministry! Yes, as this article states, there are challenges in many areas, but hopefully, with every challenge comes growth and maturity. Our hearts are being changed and molded more into the likeness of Jesus and [...]

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Kids Summer Camp 2014 @ Little Beaver Camp

“The Game Of Life” Yay, summer is almost here!  Here’s the blog post many of you have been waiting to see.  Kids Summer Camp 2014 at Little Beaver Lake is right around the corner and we have the application you need to get your kids registered.  We’re going to have a blast this year and [...]

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4 Secrets to Disney’s Success

Walt Disney built Disney on 4 principles. These 4 principles are the secret sauce behind their success over the years. #1 Dream From the early days, when the staff could fit into one room, Walt had the ability to gather employees together and capture their imaginations with what could be. Walt’s dreaming was inclusive.  He [...]

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