Why Is Children’s Ministry So Hard???

I want to share with you this post I had on FaceBook a few days ago.  Enjoy!

I LOVE Children’s Ministry! Yes, as this article states, there are challenges in many areas, but hopefully, with every challenge comes growth and maturity. Our hearts are being changed and molded more into the likeness of Jesus and less like us. God called and placed me. I love MCA Church and am thankful for Pastor Kent and the trust he has placed in me for this critical mission. We are super excited to see what lies ahead. If you would like to know more about serving in one of the most exciting and creative areas of ministry you could ever experience, please let me know. Now is the time!!! Sure, there will be mountains and valleys and lions and tigers in the jungle. THIS IS A BATTLE FOR YOUNG SOULS! Who of us wants to arrive heaven some day to only report that we played everyday safe, took no risks and just slid into heaven unscathed? Let’s determine today to live our life on the edge for God, willing to try new methods, reach the unreachable and be creative doing it all. After all, we have been made in the image of “THE CREATOR!” As for me, I want to stand with the hero’s of faith mentioned in Hebrews 11 in the “Hall Of Faith” to share the stories of how God saved the day, many children were saved and lived life to the full serving Christ daily. Call me today and let me help you get started! There are so many ways to serve. Together with God, we can change the world, one young heart at a time. With Christ, we have the advantage!



Kids Summer Camp 2014 @ Little Beaver Camp

“The Game Of Life” Yay, summer is almost here!  Here’s the blog post many of you have been waiting to see.  Kids Summer Camp 2014 at Little Beaver Lake is right around the corner and we have the application you need to get your kids registered.  We’re going to have a blast this year and [...]

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4 Secrets to Disney’s Success

Walt Disney built Disney on 4 principles. These 4 principles are the secret sauce behind their success over the years. #1 Dream From the early days, when the staff could fit into one room, Walt had the ability to gather employees together and capture their imaginations with what could be. Walt’s dreaming was inclusive.  He [...]

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Community Pinewood Derby Preparation/Information

2014 derby

Hello Friends! Today I am writing to ask for help as we gear up and prepare for the 2014 “Community” Pinewood Derby. This year we’re going to have one pinewood derby race that will include our MCA family, the southern district which basically includes the Rangers at South Assembly and three local elementary schools. It [...]

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New FaceBook Group

Hi Everyone! Today we have created a new Facebook group entitled “MCA Kids Parents/Guardians/Prayer Warriors/Supporters.  The thought behind this group page is to provide another way for those interested to receive information concerning the ministries, happenings, events and updates  for everything related to the mca church kids ministries as God leads us forward. We have [...]

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