About Us/History

All of the capacities of our worship family are directed to powerful, meaningful, and significant relationships and results. We are a both/and ministry. Both relationships and results are our driving motivators.

God and people are the hub of our relationships and results ministry. Improving the relationship between people and God while developing our people to people relationships is the ministry in which we excel.

Deep and abiding personal transformation is the primary result we posture ourselves to embrace. Wherever your relationships with God and people are, we believe God will take them to the next level. Check out our Life Transformation page for real life illustrations of God’s transformation artistry.

Relationships and transformation flourish best in a teaching and equipping environment. We have strong priority upon the teaching of God’s wisdom and insight as revealed in the Bible. God’s written word is our text, instruction manual, map, and mirror.

Christ like maturity is visible when I continue the ministry of Jesus in the world today. We specialize in recognizing and releasing you into the full potential of your ministry. God has much for us to be and much for us to do. Every Jesus follower is designed to be full time, totally committed, and deeply devoted to the continuation of Jesus’ ministry in our world today.

All of this, the relationship building, teaching, and equipping, is done with the expectation of the anointing of the Holy Spirit. We intend to be Spirit led, Spirit filled, blessed with Spirit fruit, and Spirit anointed.