Get Baptized in Water

Devout followers of Jesus follow our Lord’s example (Mark 1:9) of being baptized in water. Baptism is the immersion in water as an outward and public statement of your inward commitment to follow Jesus. Additionally, baptism in water mirrors the burial and resurrection of Jesus. In baptism you identify with the death and burial of Jesus (going under the water) and His resurrection from the dead (rising up out of the water).

We are always prepared to baptize in water. In fact, you may be baptized in any of our worship gatherings. The baptismal pool is located in the LIVE venue. With special notice you may be baptized in any of the venues.

Please click here to have someone contact you with additional information about water baptism.  Additionally you may speak with your venue lead, service lead, usher, elder or deacon, or a pastor. We are delighted to assist.