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Unleashing Kingdom Capacities

Following are the message notes for my talk, “Identity: MCA Church Assists in Unleashing Kingdom Capacities.” The goal of the message is to teach the power of God in and through our lives by His word and His Spirit.

Identity: MCA Church Assists in Unleashing Kingdom Capacities

The character of MCA Church’s identity includes:

• PURPOSE | Exploration
The faith to pursue your full potential
• MISSION | Communication
Invite people to what’s next
• OFFER | Experience
The real presence of God
• CAUSE | Supply
A way forward

As a local congregation we assist in unleashing the capacities of God’s kingdom in you and through you.

Upon placing your personal trust in Jesus for salvation, the power of the Bible and the power of the Holy Spirit are activated in your life.
• The Bible – Matthew 13:1-9
• The Holy Spirit – Titus 3:5, Romans 8:11

Check out the kingdom capacity to be unleashed in you according to Ephesians 4:9-13.

Now let us consider unleashing the capacities of the kingdom through you.

• We are sent to further establish God’s kingdom. John 20:21
• Similarly to the 72 of Luke 10:1-8, we are sent to further establish God’s kingdom.
• Notice they were sent to the places Jesus was “about to go.”

In AD 100 there were approximately 1 Christian for every 360 people on earth. Today the ratio is approximately 1 Christian for every 3 people on earth.

The kingdom capacities unleashed through Peter to the Jews, Paul to the Gentiles, Thomas to India, and Philip to the Ethiopian are legendary.

The unleashing of the capacities of the Kingdom are both in and through you. Through you, John 14:12 teaches, God will do greater things.

May God unleash the kingdom’s full capacities in and through you this week!

MCA Church LIFE Groups

Connecting with Each Other

1. Is this your first MCA Church LIFE Group quarter?
2. What do you hope LIFE Group accomplishes for you?
3. Please share your name and the length of time you have been part of the MCA Church worship community.

Digging Deeper into the Weekend Message

1. Where did Jesus send the 72? Luke 10:1
2. Are you sent there too?
3. Consider the Engle Scale of the Spiritual Decision Process
-8 Awareness of Supreme Being but no effective knowledge of Gospel
-7 Initial awareness of Gospel
-6 Awareness of the basics of the Gospel
-5 Grasp of the implications of the Gospel
-4 Positive attitude toward the Gospel
-3 Personal problem recognition
-1 Repentance and faith in Christ
+1 Post-decision evaluation
+2 Incorporation into a local Christian body
+3 Conceptual and behavioral growth: a. communion with God, b.
stewardship, c. reproduction
4. Select one or two of the people or places to whom God is sending you and determine, the best you can, where they are on the scale.
5. What of the capacities of the Kingdom IN you (The Bible and the Holy Spirit) may God use to develop his Kingdom through you?

1. Please pray for your friends that you considered through the Engle Scale.
2. Please pray for “Welcome Home,” the MCA Church Children’s outreach on September 30.

MCA Church LIFE Group Schedule for September, October, and November

Christian maturity and development happens best in a authentic relationships. MCA Church LIFE Groups are designed to provide you with the relationships necessary for maximum growth in faith.

Our LIfE Groups are scheduled for not more than 75 minutes each week and feature conversation about the Bible message, friendship, and prayer.

I am confident one of the following groups is a good match for you. If you like, we can help you make a selection. The youth and children’s group information is available from Pastor Greg and Pastor Howard.

Pastor Fay has more LIFE Groups to be announced in the next week and a half.

Day/Time Leader Location Group

4:30 PM Mark North Edge Sermonbased Monday Night Football
7pm Matt and Angie Home Sermon based

9:30a Kim Life Community Bible Study (Women)
6pm Moe North Edge Bible Study
7pm Blaine and Robin Home Sermon based
7pm Mark Room 221 Bible Study (Men)

7pm Jonathan Park Strip Sermon based (Young Adult)
7pm Heidi Video Café Bible Study (Married Life)
7pm Greg Child. Min. Ctr. Way Cool Wednesday (Kids)
7pm Dave and Debbie Life Community Bible Study (Hebrews)
7pm Brad and Fay LIVE Headline News
7pm Marie Room 263 Healing Prayer
7pm Carol Room 221 Grief Share

1pm Blaine Life Community Sermon based (Sr. Adults)
7pm Pam Vide Café Bible Study (Women)

7pm Clayton and Leah Home Sermon based

6am Moe Life Community Prayer mtg.

Living in Abundance

Are you living in God’s abundance? Are you healthy? Are you at peace? Are your finances more than enough to do God’s calling upon your life?

Learn Bible principles of abundance for your family. Pastor Heidi Zweifel leads the MCA Married Life Ministries each Wednesday evening at 7 PM in the MCA Video Cafe.

The Bible: More than a book!

Christianity: More than a Relationship

The Bible: More than a Book

Evangelical Christianity is a religion of The Book.

From the Anchorage Baptist Temple web site:

We believe that the Holy Bible was written by men supernaturally inspired; that it has truth without any admixture of error for its matter; and therefore is, and shall remain to the end of the age, the only complete and final revelation of the will of God to man; the true center of Christian union and the supreme standard by which all human conduct, creeds, and opinions should be tried.

From the Change Point web site:

The Bible is inspired by God, error-free in the original manuscripts, and the supreme authority in life.
From Abbott Loop Community Church web site:
In the inspiration of all Scripture, each and every word; that the Old and New Testaments are the infallible word of God, inerrant in the original writings, and are the supreme authority for faith and life.

Consider the following:

Evangelicals are first and foremost people of the gospel. With Jesus at the Father‘s right hand and the Apostles gone to their reward, we evangelicals hold that our sure source for knowledge of the gospel is the Bible. The Bible is, in the well-known words of the catechism and confessional statement, ?the only infallible rule of faith and practice. In other words, what we believe (faith) and what we do (practice) comes from the Bible.

In Exodus 24:7 we learn three important lessons:

1. People already understood that God communicates through written communication that people can understand.
2. The people recognized that what was being read had been spoken by God.
3. The people pledged to obey God’s word, which shows they knew it had binding authority.

In the Bible we have what may be called, “Textual Theology.” This is a text that clearly teaches a theology.

We also have what may be called, “Systematic Theology.” This is a combination of texts that clearly teach theology.

We also have what may be called, “A Biblical World-view.” This is a combination of all Biblical writing that generates a total view of the world.

The Bible shapes a world-view in at least ten areas of thought:

1. Theology (How we think about God)
2. Philosophy (How we think about ideas)
3. Ethics (How we think about right and wrong)
4. Biology (How we think about creation)
5. Psychology (How we think about the mind, will, and emotions)
6. Sociology (How we think about groups of people)
7. Law (How we think about what is or isn’t allowed)
8. Politics (How we think about governing ourselves)
9. Economics (How we think about resources)
10. History (How we think about what has come before)

The Word Hand, published by The Navigators, is very helpful.

Christianity is more than a relationship, it is obedience to and alignment with the Bible.


Connecting with Each Other

1. Do you have any fun Fur Rendezvous plans?
2. When did you receive your first Bible? How did you receive it? Do you still have it?

Digging Deeper into the Weekend Talk

1. From your perspective, is the Bible under attack today? Why? How?
2. Our Christian faith considers the Bible as the only infallible rule of faith and practice. What other things are considered “rules of faith and practice” by people in our world of today?
3. Why is it difficult for people to receive the “binding authority of the Bible?”
4. Since the Bible is the most important resource for spiritual life with God, please consider each of the five words and Bible passages of The Word Hand.
5. Which word, of The Word Hand, do you commit to increase this year?


1. Please pray for greater insight into God’s word and His ways.
2. Please pray for those in the MCA worship community who are facing major sickness, sadness, or separation.

LIFE Group Notes for Pastor Edgardo’s January 29th Message


Connecting with One Another

1. What is your favorite Hispanic or Latino food?
2. What is your favorite component of Hispanic culture? Why?

Digging Deeper into the Weekend Message

1. Pastor Edgardo presented the message, “Today is the Day for Good News.” How important is expectation, hope, and declaring God’s favor upon your life?” Proverbs 23:7
2. “When you are sleeping, God is still working.” How easy or difficult is it for you to trust that God is at work without fail? Lamentations 3:22-24
3. The text Pastor Edgardo illuminated brought special emphasis upon taking great food to all of those who do not have great food. The special point was for us to take the Spiritual food of Jesus to those who do not yet have Him. How can we best take this food to the nations?
4. Read Proverbs 25:25. In what way are you bringing “cold water to weary souls?”
5. As Pastor Edgardo and Miriam are experiencing huge change for the call of God, is there a change God intends for you?


1. Remember our 21 days of prayer, fasting, and personal devotion.
2. Remember our 6 AM, Noon, 6 PM, and Mid-night prayer times.