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In Times Like These: Understanding Your Audience

One of the most effective ways for us to be the “salt of the earth” is for us to bring the God conversation to our friends, relatives, associates, and neighbors.  It is noteworthy that many of the gifts of the Spirit are verbal and designed as essential components of God’s conversation with the world through us.

For the conversation to be meaningful it is essential for the communicators to understand their audience.  As the “salt of the earth” we seek to understand the mind and heart of those with whom we share.

In Times Like These
We Get It: Understanding our Audience

Previously we studied four components of “In Times Like These: Understanding Your Role in the World.”

1. Get it.
2. Salt it.
3. Don’t can it.
4. Don’t refrigerate it.

Today’s conversation is an invitation to further consider the components of “Get it.”

Previously we conversed about the possibility that “influencing the God conversation may be the most powerful way that we are the salt of the earth.”

We get (understand) the importance of understanding our audience’s journey to faith in Jesus as Lord.

Everts and Schaupp (I Once Was Lost: What Postmodern Skeptics Taught Us About Their Path to Jesus) map out the spiritual journey in phases:

1. Distrust to trust – shift to trust a Christian
2. Complacent to Curious – the shift of spiritual thirst.
3. Closed to change to open to change – hardest threshold to cross (personal life)
4. From Meandering to Seeking – the shift to intentional pursuit of God
5. The actual conversion to the Kingdom of God – the shift to surrender

What is happening inside the person I am influencing and what is my role in their spiritual journey?

In Stetzer’s “Evangelism Journey” we learn that our audience is journeying through misconception or rebellion to a place of faith in Jesus for salvation.

MCA Church LIFE Groups

For what and whom are you most thankful?

Consider the Apostle Peter’s message through the lens of The Evangelism Journey Acts 2:14-41.
1. Did the audience have misconceptions about God or rebellion to him?
2. Did the audience have misconceptions about Jesus or rebellion to him? 2:36
3. What stirred the interest in the audience to consider their misconceptions and rebellions? Acts 2:4, 11-12
4. Peter clarified their misconceptions and they reconsidered their rebellions and quickly came to being (2:37) “cut to the heart.” What would be similar in your ministry today?
5. What, in this passage, are the two evidences that the audience’s journey reached regeneration and conversion? 2:41

Creatively Communicating Christ

Doug and Joyce are champion proclaimers. Their internal drive is to share God’s love in multiple forms, especially through Jesus honoring written word. Their Russian River Outreach is inspiring and eternal in it’s impact.

Following is today’s report from Doug and Joyce. Enjoy and give glory to God! ( I have edited out the names of those privately mentioned to me.)

Thank you for praying for this Russian River Outreach. It took a while for this outreach to come to pass but the timing today was God’s plan. Your prayers were timely and they did reach the throne room in Heaven on our behalf.

We (Joyce and I) handed out 93 Step Up To Life Bookmarks with a Russian River Fly taped on each one. Again this year the fishermen enjoyed picking out their colored fly of choice. When they are doing this we are silently praying for them as well.

The third person that asked me for a bookmark was one of the ferry boat workers. His name is ——-. He is from Mississippi. He came up to Alaska to get work. He told me in our conversation that he went to three different Bible schools. But he didn’t know the Lord. I went through the steps on the bookmark and he saw his need to repent and believe on the Lord to be saved. After he prayed he told me that he felt a peace that he never felt before and a heavy weight was lifted off of him. One of the first things he did was to go over where Joyce was praying and he told her what he just did. He wanted an extra bookmark to give out to someone today. He was rejoicing, the angels were rejoicing and we are rejoicing. 🙂

The next person that I talked with was a fisherman from Anchorage. His name is ——–. He came fishing with is wife and his father. ——— to us looked like a hard one to share the bookmark with. But God had a plan for him. After going through the goodness test, he saw his need to repent and believe. One of his comments was that he knew he couldn’t commit his life to the Lord until he repented. I explained the importance of repentance and what he needed to repent of. Joyce said you could see the Holy Spirit working. He was ready to make his commitment. But he wanted his wife ———- to pray with him. He told us that she was after him and the family to make this kind of commitment. So there you have it. The angels rejoice over one sinner who repents and believes.

Many fishermen today were very interested in the bookmark. Joyce watched a man read his for a long time.

A Summer of Living Local

Max Wiltshire’s question still intrigues me. “Do you fly from Jerusalem, over Judea and over Samaria, to get to minister to the utter most parts of the world?”

Any way you slice it, we need to be more engaged with the work of the Lord in our Jerusalem. All four are important. One is not more important than the other. But it all starts in Jerusalem. It all starts in the place you call home.

This summer our priority is to live local. Be as engaged as possible in your neighborhood. Buy your gas at your neighborhood station. Don’t drive across town for something that is available just down the street. Host block parties. Practice acts of kindness to those closest to your home. Live local.

To the Nations!

Dave, Becky, and Ephraim are leaving MCA Church, and I couldn’t be happier!!! Well, I am not happy they are leaving but I am overjoyed that they are following the call of God upon their lives for ministry in the Philippine Islands. MCA Church is infused with great people from the Philippines. I can not imagine leading our assembly without our dear Filipino and Filipina members.

The Taylors are a huge part of the MCA Church. Their ministry among us has been tenured and varied. Currently Dave and Becky are ministering as the Service Leads of MCA Church’s Greatest Hits. They are EXTREMELY helpful.

For many years David and Becky have been preparing to participate in Church planting in the Philippines. They own a home, are connected with a local assembly, and have already begun the church planting processes.

Sunday evening, April 22, Dave and Becky will talk with our congregation and then we will call the Elders of the church and those assembled to officially send the Taylors from Anchorage to the Philippines. We already have Missionary Associate, Sean Gordon, in the Philippines and look forward to sending more folks, as God leads.

Palm Sunday 2012

Holy Week launches in our Palm Sunday services.  We are requesting everyone in our worship family to whole heartedly participate in the ministries designed for this week.

  • Palm Sunday Services in all venues.
  • Good Friday Holy Communion Service from Noon until 1 PM
  • Fasting and Prayer from noon on Friday until breaking the fast on Resurrection Day
  • Son Rise service at Russian Jack Chalet on Resurrection Sunday at 7:30 AM
  • Breaking the fast breakfast on Resurrection Day at 8:00 AM
  • Resurrection Day services in all venues

Plan to attend all of the special Holy Week services.  I think you will be deeply moved and devotionally developed.

In our Palm Sunday services, I am speaking, the Lord willing, on the subject, “Christianity is more than a relationship because Jesus is more than a man:  He is King!”