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Acts: Our Story
If your life is a book, how many chapters are being written in the power of the Holy Spirit as revealed in the Book of Acts? Pastor Kent's weekend teaching is designed to invite you into co-authoring the continuation of the Book of Acts in your life today.

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#21Orange and #Orange21

I don’t know the first person to create #21ORANGE and #ORANGE21 so credit can not be properly given to them. ¬†However, I am sure that the honoring of the twenty-one martyred Egyptian men, who were killed wearing orange jump suits, is at the heart of the hashtag. As a local church pastor, it is essential ... [read more]

Posted on 3rd March 2015 in Prayer


Yes! We're doing Heaven's Gates & Hell's Flames again this year, just a month away. #HGHF #MCAchurch ... See MoreSee Less