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The Rev. Dr. Patrick Donadio

Pat Donadio was an impact influencer in my life. I met Pastor and Mrs. Donadio when I was 6 years old. He quickly became a family favorite, a bit like an uncle. Over time, Pat’s influence greatly increased. He was my District Youth Director, my Presbyter, our Far North Bible College President, our Executive Director of Teen Challenge, and personal and family friend.

Since Pat loved humor many folks didn’t know of his theological genius. With his Ph.D written on the subject of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, he has extensive understanding of the fact that Jesus is fully God and fully Man.

Early Sunday morning, Pat increased his knowledge of Jesus by taking His hand and traveling Home.

Welcome Home, Pat!

  • Lonthroop

    Thanks for pointing me to this.  I really got a lot out of this.

  • Shawna (Canoy) Nacke

    I will miss him..,. but I know I will see him again  :)

  • Pastor Len

    Thanks so much for sharing…I remember attending North Kenai A/G (while he was there) before my dad took over Kenai A/G, and I remember the Donadios with fond memories.  Inspiring…